About Our School

Our Mission

The mission of Stonebridge Montessori School is to provide quality kindergarten and preschool education and learning experiences for children in a safe and caring environment.

​​We take pride in our highly qualified teachers and the communication we offer within our school. We strive to provide a nurturing environment where children can express their individuality, creativity, independence and responsibility. Stonebridge Montessori School upholds and promotes values and principles which encompass fairness and honesty along with grace and courtesy.

About Our Director: Jenna Colby

Ms. Jenna, owner/director of Stonebridge Montessori School, is a teacher and devotee of Montessori principles with over 20 years experience. She has a BA in Early Childhood Development from Lesley University and has taught children ranging in age from 3 yrs to 8 yrs in four Montessori schools in New England and one in Bracknell, United Kingdom. Ms. Jenna is AMS (American Montessori Schools) certified in both Early Childhood (ages 3 to 6) and Lower Elementary (ages 6 to 9). In addition to AMS certification, she is a certified instructor/facilitator in RCB (Redirecting Children’s Behavior) and holds first aid & CPR qualifications.

​Ms. Jenna has been praised for her creative approach to activities for young children. This comes from her passion for teaching and from her diverse personal experiences. For example, her nine months in Alaska tutoring children and driving sled dogs, and eight months as a hand on a windjammer ship out of Camden, Maine provide a wealth of ideas that she puts into her curriculum for the children.

​As the director and lead teacher, Ms. Jenna will give the children superb education and direction in line with the principles embodied in the Montessori approach to teaching and learning.

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori, born in Italy in 1870, developed a system of teaching which encourages children to develop and nurture their spontaneous urge to learn and ability for self-discipline.

Children develop their own pace for learning through a series of sensitive periods in which they are very much in tune to language, order, their senses, and the world around them. Her method allows the child to explore these sensitive periods through a stimulating and loving environment. Her goal was to allow the child to build positive self-esteem and confidence.
She supported the development of the child to become independent and self-directed. She provided children the opportunity to learn how to learn.

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